Best Movies on Popcorn Time

Movies on Popcorn time is high quality and surely one cannot outline the meaning of best in general terms when it comes to the taste of movies, books, food or something like that. So, the whole thing is that everyone has a different opinion while declaring something as the best on the Popcorn time apk. But, there have always been some evergreen movies and books which have a very few exceptions as their critics. 

Movies on Popcorn Time
Movies on Popcorn Time

We can get the superb collections of thousands of HD movies on Popcorn Time, then it’s very hard to decide on which one we should invest our time. So here we are coming up 7 life-changing movies which you must watch once in your lifetime:

The Pursuit of Happyness:

The Will Smith and Jaden Smith-starring biographical drama film which inspired the millions of people all around the world. A struggling story of a hardworking father who looks forward to a livelihood to take care of his son. The movie will teach you the value of each penny you’re having in your pocket, the value of your time and the most important the never giving up mindset. The no.1 movie in the list of best Popcorn Time movies.

Forrest Gump:

The story of a guy with low IQ but having genuine intentions who never had so much of friends except his childhood friend and love Jenny. Later on become an army man and made some life-long friends. Builds up his business, wins a number of prizes and inspires other people but even after achieving all these he still feels the void and keeps thinking about Jenny who has always struggled in her life and try to make her realized he has genuine love for her.

The Pianist:

Another submission on Popcorn Time movie. A movie on the basis of the autobiography with the same name. It’s an exceptional movie with full of emotions. The story of a Polish Jewish pianist who gets separated from his family during the World War II and the entire movie is based on his efforts to keep himself alive by trying to escape and his quest for the food.

The Shawshank Redemption:

The story of a successful banker who serves the imprisonment for a crime which was not actually committed by him. Now the film presents the man’s exceptional ways of dealing with his imprisonment life, and with fellow prisoners. During his imprisonment, he also makes the strongest bonding with another guy naming Red.

The Fault in our stars:

Based on the John Green’s quite famous novel of the same name. The love story of two teenagers suffering from cancers. The Hazel and Augustus meet at the cancer support group and turns each other’s suffering life into a pleasant one.

The Godfather:

The story of an aging head of a famous crime family who decides to assign his position to his subaltern, and thereafter occurrence of disastrous events happen in his family, and a war starts between all the well-known families leading to disrespect, deportation, murder, and revenge, and ends with the final selection of favourable successor.

500 Days of Summer:

A romantic story of one-sided love where Tom the guy who falls in love with Summer at first sight itself. But Summer does not believe in love and relationships. Both of them becomes more than just friends. Before making any decision, Tom always considers the advice of two of his very close friends and her sister. The entire story revolves around the ups and downs in their so-called relationship.

Synopsis: We all totally sure the above seven movies will give you the life-changing experience. Almost each of these movies will make you cry and very emotional. But always remember, we all here are living with a misconception that being emotional is a weakness but the hardcore reality is that it’s a pure strength and life will teach you the same.